Sunday, February 22, 2009

Probably the most Saddist Camp!

Im posted to Khatib Camp Artillery Institute. Its super regimental. Perfect marching, doubling from point to point, No MP3, super strict stand by area and bed. I can understand why they have to do this because we are trainees. however sometimes I just cannot stand the way the sergeants have to shout as us. Like we are deaf or worse, deaf dogs! Being here got to carry alot of heavy parts. I hope this 13 weeks will passssssssss real fast just like BMT and BSLC. And probably I will b free as a 3rd sergeant? But being in atillery, just hoping to get some opportunities to know more about the weapon and overseas training. Good thing for this course is, standard field pack items not needed already, camo OFF! Cheers! but helmet still on my coconut head!


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