Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Ok obviously my noob blog needs a thorough spring cleaning for the cobwebs, dust and pests that starts to grow and populate in this place. Haha...
Few things to share!

I am posted to the 20th Singapore Artillery!

I will be going for live firing exercise at Thailand 1stAug09 - 16thAug09!
India 9thOct09 - 30thOct09!
Basically My 21st birthday actual day will be spend together with curry, indian smell perfume, indian spices, ammunition, mouse and hot weather. W/o all my friends and family. How memorable.

I am officially a JIUJIU! Uncle! cos my eldest sis had gave birth to my beloved nephew, brendon!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

3rd Sgt!

Ytd was a very meaningful day. For the past 14 weeks, I was in this artillery specialist course and only waiting for this day.

It was the parade yesterday and we rehearsed for 2 days from morning till evening or even night. The abrasions, sunburn and awkward tan lines really worth the moment when u stand right infront of ur parents and frens at the leaders square. I really can see the effort put in for all of us and the encouragement we recieved during the rehearsal. In the end everybody did put up a good show wearing our berets and the 3 stripes.

As for the course, it was the most challenging course for me. Thank God for the motivating and crazy bunch of people in my detachment.

Kenny - The super motivating leader of my bunk, super welfare to us. He got a big tool! LOL
JingHan - Super hardworking and most knowledgable in our bunk!
Wei Xiang - Asam! although u ooc the first week haha but u also help us alot. except for ur shoes n bed!!
Guan Ling - Our Silver Bayonet Holder! Weet!! Good Job! haha.
Lin Hang - Super Joker with his default smiley face u keep us happy!
Mun Hon - PTI! Mr Verticals! Lol... It will b difficult to see him nt naked for a day!
Han Yong - My BMT and ASC fren! Haha... Quiet but very touchy beware!
Han Jie - Very nice to talk to and is a super pro gamer.
Timothy - Hmm... can say is our bunk musician le ba... haha.

I wish all of u good luck in ur future endeavours! AND I reallly thank u all. Now we are 3rd sgts already!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jiamin bdae celebration! Fish manhatten!

Two weeks ago went to jiamin's bdae celebration as cine kbox. Erm.. at first it was kind of awkward but towards the end still ok. It was quite fun la. At it was definitely a pleasure to hear jiamin and the rest sing. haha..
Then in the evening walked over to PS to have dinner with the rest of my frens.. hahas...
Enjoying my meal!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

drunk isnt fun

its been almost a month since i last post.. It feels damn sian after u noe u r drunk.. haha. ytd night i tink i had super embarrased myself... aniwae... i gotta thanks my friends... and i think im really very happy ytd!!! haha... thanks!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok... time is very crucial for me.. didnt really posted much.. haha. and my miserable blog seems to be more personal liao lor.. haha

I dun really noe wad to post Also... so blank... my life is so damn sian nowadays...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Singout 09!

SING OUT anyone?

13 , 14 , 20 , 22 , 27 , 28
March are the auditions...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Haha... my lovely princesses... So happy lor.. saw them at causeway point yesterday after swimming. and they are SHE! as pretty as usual.. nope should have said even prettier hahas. Will really put in some effort to support them!