Saturday, May 31, 2008


Woo! Its a super happy day!! Went to church n cellgrp today.. I really love it.. love the time spend with God and members of N380.. although im new i jus feel comfortable there... Hmm.. I really can grow well there!! Praise Lord Thanks for this.. Lols
But Church over le.. kinda miss it.. nxt week still gotta wait 7 days.. hahas.. Hmm.. Aniwae.. Next week me n elson will b performing in cell grp!! =))
Aniwae.. Thanks Dad n Mum.. That at the lowest finance time of my life they helped me.. mum told me she will support me half for my dancing fee.. n dad gave me some money to buy food.. haha!! Omg...
Like what Pastor said today... As u give, money won't drop from sky, but god will move people to direct the money to you.. And yes.. I relli so thankful.. That i can share my testimonies everyweek at cellgrp n service. ok superb happy! lols. =)) Wow..
Tmr going sentosa yes.. more to b happy for! ITs b so long since i went out with them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Relli tired today. Waiting to end work n rush home. Yea. Mum is back from Cameron highlands with big corns and bir strawberries.. hahas.. Even my aunty from malaysia and her family is here. Hahas. N im blogging here instead of outside. Dun relli noe hw to tok to them leis. let them sister chat ba.

Ytd went bck to MS for duet practise. saw almost all of the groups performing. And really lor.. so great. I relli feel that if im nt going to buck up we really dun stand any chance.. Haha. We want to put up our best performance right Vivian!? hahs. and i also wanna do well for my fast song! and not wang ci. At least must not let my parents and frens that support me down!

Hmm.. suddenly brought me bck to few days ago.. at yuan dian. Hmm Khim U r great lo! rank 1st for both. As I really agree.. those uncles and aunties seriously can use those lump sum to donate to the sze chuan and poor countries. Lols. Aniwae.. For Joyce, Chris and Janet, Did well le lor. Joyce u r cool and I love ur courage and the will to perform so well despite ur block ears and bleeding nose..

Hmm... Aniwae.. Gonna take some time to cut my thick n black cum grey Bush off my head.. into something that look more like hair.. =)) Lols. Hmmm.. aniwae.. gtg lo. Post are abit wordy hor.. pics pls.. next post!

At Work!

Omg. More n more daring le.. at wrk right nw. n im blogging.. fast one though..
Thinking of many things.. n many things is i zi zao de.. as in find trouble for myself.. ah.. if nt i wun b so miserable nw.
My blogger timing got problem.. date also have slight one day problem.. i nvr go n change. jus ignore it. aniwae.. post is more impt.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Interesting "Fact"s about our name~!

Does your name suit you?

A: Very Very Easy To Fall In Love With
B: single
C: Hot
D: Never Let People Tell You What To Do
E: Hot
F: Very Strong Hands
G: Has A Smile To Die For
H: Has A Smile To Die For
I: Beautiful/Handsome
J: very good shagger
K: makes people laugh
L: Love is
M: Very Very Hot
N: Has One of The Best Personalities
M:Very Very ot
O: Popular With All Sorts of People
P: An Animal Lover
Q: ugly
R: Very Good Kisser
S: Has Beautiful Eyes
U: Judgemental
V: yucks!
W: Loves It
X: Great Kisser
Y: Is Really Adorable
Z: Is Easy To Fall In Love With

LOL! Ben is B: Single! E: Hot! N: Has one of the Best PERSONALITIES!
Girls out there! Come hunting for me =X

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Great Day spent today definitely! Woke up at 9+ then meet elson n the new cell group members at a combine cell grp at braddell road..! Felt so happy. At first im quite worried wondering will i feel left out.. will I this.. Will I that.. hahas.. jus felt pressurized.. in the end! Hmm.. i tink im really doing quite well there as in public relations lols.. i managed to chat with them.. thanks to elson, shaun n samuel.. cos at least through them can get to know more easier! hahas.. Then went to prayer meeting and service.. so mainly.. i spent my 8am.. around 9 hours.. with God and my new cell members! Haha.. It was so fruitful.. learnt something new always.. Hmm...

We are ask to do a practise to try to pray and feel what burden or things our partner feels... hmm we are pair in 2.. im paired with samuel.. hahas.. wah.. i actualli flip to a chapter in Bible.. and its 1 Samuel 20.. Its about a brother loyalty de.. it somehow really relates to him.. hahas..!
So amazing..

And At Church.. I manage to recieve the ability to speak in tongues! hmmm.. although it really sounded like boiling water.. ! Yeaaa... so aniwae.. GOOD DAY!

Then went to Meet leon, mireen, hsinwen, jasmine n vivian with shaun to leon's sis 21st bdae.. met my sec frens at semb.. hahas.. although didnt tok much.. didnt reli had much time to spent but i tink i still felt happy...

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yea.. No idea wad to put as my post title today.. aniwae.. yesterday was our Basic Hip Hop test!! Was so worried at first thinking of the 4 X 8 beats free style before our hiphop dance.. hahas.. n finally thought of something.. who is nt very freestyle.. aniwae.. like wad Chris say.. we are beginners.. Lols..
Aniwae.. I got 80marks.. which i felt happy.. because I wanna pass! and I wan these lessons worth it.. Happy for all.. as all passed!! Hmmm for those who feel abit disappointed or sad.. pls cheer up.. Stand up again ok? lols..
Today is my first day of fasting.. ytd receive a sms frm elson.. after getting to know why i mus or i need.. as in I WANT to fast... hahas... 6am to 6pm for them.. Im a beginner 6am to 3pm.. haha... Actualli felt ok leis.. nt tt hungry!! Im only hungry for more God hahas.. =)
After that.. today is Elson's first vocal lesson.. Sharon's 2nd lesson in this group... Hmm.. Both of them I think sing the best among all already.. hahas.. aniwae really envy... elson for his damn high high high note.. big head voice.. MR Vitas... Siansss... And sharon.. feel that u r improving too lor.. u all ALL must jiayou!! Aniwae Sharon u said something And i Felt real happy!! =)) but u blog something i felt sad =(( lols..
HAhass... aniwae... I look forward to tmr... abt my new Cell group, somemore combine already.. lols fainted... Alrights.. shall blog again..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asia Crisis!

the debris!
rescue worker and the victims
Fortunate kid! But look at his eyes!
Parents carrying dead child..
Losing ur family member!

How I felt.................

Wah go Bugis! Wah Sing! Wah Dance! Wah Perform! Wah Watch Movie! Wah got Aircon! Wah got Food! Wah Got My Body parts all intact! Even got mood to take picture!Wah got everything I wanted! Thank God!

However, I feel really bad.. yet fortunate that im here in Singapore! A place where theres no natural disaster but.... starting to feel the vibrations frm indonesia.. and starting to have Sars few years bck.. and dengue nw.. who knows what is it in the future!? God knows lor...

Hmmm.. Sad... Sze Chuan and Myanmar is really badly affected by natural disaster recently! Super Earthquake in SzeChuan killing many thousands of live!! torturing many survivors mentally and physically!! So Sad! Although I admit that I am very not updated about the condition there! Maybe I am too busy.. Felt abit guilty too...Excuses! How can I not show concern!?

Miracles still happen! Ah Gongs and Ah ma endure more than 150 hours! to live on!!! Yet unfortunately.. some didnt make it.. Heard frm Khim that.. theres a mum who save a sms in her fone telling her baby.. Dear If you are alive.. I love You!! N baby's mum died... Also Mum who remember to breastfeed the baby! Even if shes left with the last few breathe!! She died too... Hais... Motherly Love!!

Hmmm... Remember to Pray for them!! If you dun.. please just think of them!! And keep this incident a reminder to us!! How fortunate we are!! How grateful we need to be!! And Love everyone!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Went Bugis Ytd!! After a Good Rest in the Afternoon!! And Taddaaa! LEts get this post started with classic hsinwen!! Look at her face!!! heheX.hahas..

Classic HsinWen LOOK! at her Expression!

The emo indian gal!! and itchy ass ah boy!!LOLS

HSinwen Leon And ME! Going NErdy!!

Oh yea!! Diarrohea today!! N i suspect ITS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBQ SUperb spicy Stingray!! FIERY HOT! It burns my mouth n my asshole =X

Monday, May 19, 2008


Hmmm.. This week had been quite a great struggle for me. Waiting for an response from God on assuring my about my decision made to change church. Its a very important decision! I will have hurt many in my church and cell group for leaving them. I am sorry. I really had a great touch from God at CHC and many true encounters... Hmm.. I hope that my decision made is according to God's plan. Since now I had change church! I think I must commit and be firm and rooted to grow!!

Alright.. Not only making difficult decisions.. I also had alot of rehearsals.. and yet this weekend was demorlizing enough for me! Bukit Batok CSC.. I heard expected 5000ppl to b there! Wow.. theres none looking at me when i sing! They really dun give us any support.. All the childrens but maybe they are not sensitive to us la.. as they are of other races.. Hmm. Less than 5 ppl looking at us! Then for East point.. Saturday dance was alright! Pls link to khim's blog for the video!! Sunday which was ytd was most demoralizing n disappointed of all! Forgotten 80% of my lyrics!! Forget dance step abit! It was like SHIT! Family was there.. Frens there... I disappointed myself, family, frens, Ms and joyce.. thanks for giving me this opportunity. yet i wasted it in that 2mins plus performance!! Sorry!!

Ytd Went to watch a Indonesian Movie "Congkak" also.. its scary lei. n shocking plus that super loud and exaggerating sound effect! Lols.. and one of the sound effect is MR ALTON! pls dun scream so loud la..!! haha.. Nose also bleed!! hahas.. And Khim.. Your YAKOK! lols.. and grab my hand lols.. although i also feel better hahaa... Hmm.. thanks for ytd night though felt slightly better!!!

Aniwae.. I can feel that this week will be tougher.. Its the post failure of performance.. and Post Church change season!! I welcome all the comments, questions, interoggations session! God as long as You are here for me!! I know I'll be safe! =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I want to change!

I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change!I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change!I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change! I want to change!I want to change!!! Haha.. I dun wan myself to be like tt lei!!! Aniwae. sat n sun performance coming! Sing n Dance @ East point n Bukit batok CDC! ERM like wad shaun say.. my blog post so sian lor.. wad to do?!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mother Day Special Service at CHC!

Saturday, went cell grp in the morning. Then joined elson, shaun n samuel to their service.. Its a very special service at Expo Hall 8. Cos its Mother day service.. it really touched me so deep till tears starts to roll down my cheeks.. 8 mums were invited on stage.. 8 daughter were there on stage to thanks and tell their mum how much they appreciate and honour them. Among the 8 parents, some are on the wheelchair, some are totally covered with grey hair, some looks strong but their family bckgrd may nt b good at first, some looks stronger but they are having a war with the cancer cells in the body.. I felt so touch and I thought of my mum then! My mum suffering from HBP in another words high blood pressure or Hypertension.. Looking at her smile..getting older.. wrinkles getting more..Skin getting wrinkled as years goes by.. memory deteriorating...eating medicine everyday! Yet she always put on a brave front. Smiling, Singing, Playing MJ n doing wad she likes.. I thank God for blessing my parents to have such a good life at such age.. Dad may be retiring soon... I need to save n b more matured.. They need God and us in the near future.. Feeling quite worried.. Praying for their salvation! N I will always be here for Dad n mum... like wad the bible says in Exodus 20:12 (NKJV)

Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon this land which the Lord your God is giving you now.


Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Let us honour our parents! Show them our love! Think about their love when we are young! =D

And Im Glad! Im happy! Im peaceful! and Thankful for the God great touch I felt at CHC that saturday.. thanks all who prayed for me.. =D

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Omg Lo! Finally Free To Blog again!! Hmm... Yea.. Busy working and going back to MS. Meeting for finalist.. to sing n dance lor... Haha Aniwae.. I wanna take this time to thank everyone!!

Thank You GoD!! For Loving ME!!
Thank You Family!! Even If I Came bck home so late everyday.. U all are understanding!!
Thank You Frens!! For Meeting Up Even Though All Of Us Are Busy!!
Thank You MS!! For Giving Me the Opportunity!! To Perform!! And Giving Me My First Time through Auditions!!
Thank You MS Frens!! Its Been You Peeps! Dancers And MS23 And Singers!!! Thats sharing my passion and fun tgt!!
Thanks!! Thanks!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hectic Week

Ok this is super weird.. My post went missing ytd.. This week had been tired...keep going bck to Ms.. to sing.. and give my support to the others.. such as dancers and commitee.. Hmm.. How i wish i can dance with them..

Alrights.. aniwae.. Thanks for the people helping me.. and supporting me during the semi finals..! I move on to the finals! Happy... Thanks all!!

Finals Ticket @ DBS auditorium @ 6pm can get frm me.. call me or sms me for more details.. Thanks! Support me k?