Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Went to watch U ARE THE ONE, 唯我独尊 at mediacorp today. Today is the male contestant turn.. the theme is Sunshine Boy i tink.. At first hor, i feel like so sian.. why go see guys.. go there ok la.. got that feel of go to the studio and day dream and queue up feeling! lols.. When the show started everybody start screaming and cheering for the one they supporting for.. Ya and they are like erm nice face, nice body all those la.. Then think of myself... Wanted to train my body and slim down and wadever so long.. still the same.. no determination also.. Aiya.. When I say I want to train now.. everyone give that kind of face.. lols. And when I say I wanna look better like them.. But everyone give that kind of face again.. haha.. aniwae ya lor.. maybe army is the only way to kana force to train.. Lols.. saw a very siao siao guy trying to take a picture with those artiste and stars... at the reception.. weirdo.. haha..
Tmr gotta wrk le.. sians.. but gt some $$ hehe.. alrights.. bye!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bless The New Born Babies!

Woots.. went to cell grp jus nw..Hmm.. felt so gd.. to be in the cell grp again.. Aniwae.. saw steffi..Omg so cute.. so decided to upload some of her fotos.. as well as Aidan's foto since its in my sis fone too.. Cute..Steffi!




Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sabo Game

Im saboed by Khim and Mireen but im gonna post one oni... hehes... Here is it...

RULESremove one question from above and add one of ur questionmake it a total of 20 questions, then SABO 8people..

1) what age do you wanna marry? Erm.. when I can afford to marry someone, and when i met someone I love.

2)what do you want the most now?i want some money to get over my financial crisis... jus enuff money will do..

3)who is the person you trust most? No one in particular.

4)who do you think in mind now?Nothing in mind. Maybe how to answer the following questions?

5)If you hav a dream to come true..what is it? I want to see my future.

6) whats ur goal for this year? Be a obedient Christian. Sing better. Be able to accept myself more!

7)do you believe in eternity love? Erm yea.. i assume.

8)have you ever broke a person's heart that he/she wanna commit suicide? Luckily im the 10% gd guy Lols.. (refer to khim's answer saying 90% erm) lols... Nope... I wun broke someone heart so deep.. I dun haf that much impact on others.

9)what kinda feelings do you like most?erm.. I like to feel happy in Life and peaceful in God.

10)what are the requirements from ur other half?hmm... Love to be happy! Love to smile! Love Me!

11) what kinda feelings u hate most? Errr... I hate to be emo. But sometimes i do.

12) doo you cherish every friendship of yours? yes... of cos!

13)DO you believe in god?erm yea.. believe in GoD!

14) whats de most impt thing in ur life? Praise Worship God!, Sing!, Perform!, Anything to music!

15)who do u hope to be there for you always? Everything i have in life.

16) who are important to you?God, Family, Frens in my life!

17)who cares for you most?erm.. God again =D Follow by my Family and frens.

18)do you believe in rainbow after rain ? Yea i have a picture of that lols.. i saw that.

19) Whats your favourite action? Chor lor action... Haha.. cos it feels comfortable...

20) what is love to you? Love is when i feel loved.

1) Sharon
2) Caseline
3) Ziyong
4) Alvin
5) Hsin Wen

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


哈哈。开心极了,我把 SingOut 半决赛的歌给换了。我不用再唱那些要死不死的歌了,也不用在台上感到很伤心,不用 EMO! 我5/3/2008 唱的歌是男佣, 不是末日之恋了。希望大家可以来支持我,我把男俑点给你们听!我要做个像男佣一样好的老公,朋友和孩子。 哈哈。开心!! 开心!! Yea... Oh ya I will be performing on the 17th of May at West Mall come and watch ok?
So i Booked u guys.. SMU open area, 130pm, 3rd of May, Saturday. AND 17th of May, Bukit Batok. Time: To Be announce again! =))))) Happpy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 down.

Ytd night. One of my competition down. Im out of yuan dian. Im too anxious. Worried abt my breath and the jia yin behind also. Omg. Will upload the video soon. Aniwae.. a good experience aniwae. singing in a pub =) Jiayou for Sing Out ba!! For the rest who made it.. Strive on to the finals!! Lols.. For those who fell into the same fate as me.. take it as an experience.. learn from this and jiayou for Sing out this year or next year.. teenage icon!! lol. Thats about it.. =))

My facial expression sucks...!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I dun dare to take another step. I sense bad. I sense that Im not good enough. I cant give anyone any happiness. Although no one said anything. But I feel this way. I cant look into your eyes ever again. I want this frenship more than anything else now. What m i toking n thinking abt? omg.

Aniwae. went to Ms. left early. Meet up with some friends. It was ok. All of them recieve their precious enlistment date. June and July. Lol. I am waiting. Im a late one. Pls let me go in fast and furious. and out fast and furious. Pics updated again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Us at HK!!
Music Story!!
Gou Li Me!

Posing in MS dancing studio.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super Gt feeL Picture.

Hey.. This Picture is CooL.. hahas. Grabbed from Hsin wen Dp.. I really wanted this to happen.. Im gonna sing to my future dreamgirl!! Just like this!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Long time no post.

Hey.. Long time no post.. Super no time.. and busy.. dun seem to be very busy but the time is like so nt enuff lo.. hahas... Wrk frm morning to 5pm. went MS or went out.. reach home about 10 or so.. can go and sleep le.. if not I will nt have any energy..
Woots.. aniwae jus came bck frm Chalet over the weekends with my Secondary sch clique haha.. Nt bad la.. Can see them.. but I like flu n slight fever and cough all the way super no life.. Aniwae.. there nth much i can do too... Lols. Went to khim's hse ytd to drink n have fun a while.. then go n sleep le.. Cos today need to perform at MS open hse.. Omg.. forget lyrics lol. cos nt enuff practise ba.. n my voice omg.. LOls. faint...
Aniwae today khim, mireen,alton,jeremy,yiyuan n erm.. mei gui and i went to the last room n omg.. kinda saw a beatbox performance like tt lor.. haha manage to learn abit of basic frm them. N they use some simple chords and attempted to compose a music.. so nice.. all of them r so talented. LOLs. Inspire me alot.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Went HAllelujah! n Downtown East to makan.. then My sis fetch khim and we went MS.. lols.. my sis stop us at a veri veri hot space cos of some miscommunication... Lols. Aniwae.. Went To watch them practise and tried to help Daniel n Shan abit too.. hahas.. hope it was useful.. Met up with my HK clique! Thanks Zy for developing the photos for us..!! Gouli surprising!! N now... sleeping soon.. while hoping for the best to our beloved frens at Yuan Dian now... Xfingers!!Posing...~~ in dance studio.. Eh khim leg.. internal 8!!

Yea me n frens...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hectic Week!

Wow.. Omg its been a super Hectic week practising.. brainstorming for the actions to do go with my nan yong.. and yes.. I made it Ytd at SMU Sing out 08 semi finals! Thank God! thanks Friends for your support and cheers! Before the competition.. I see dancers training hard for their performance.. some of us went dwn to open up tentage! N even a bus for us to go dwn the night before to take a look at our dancers perform. How i wish I can perform too... shall wait.. 17th and 18th may! Lols... Looking forward.. will i be chosen?! Hmm... Aniwae... Yes.. Finally.. week is over!!

Oh ya.. Pls come and support me at DBS building ok!? Please get the ticket frm me at a cheaper price.. aniwae.. check with me for any queries!! Hehe!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eeriest Moment in my Life.

The last foto is super scary right??

Darkest Moments in My life.

Relli darkest moments! LOLs..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

HAha. i made it on time home today to sing Happy Birthday song to my sis... Her birthday is tmr.. LOL.. And Tmr i no need to put My P plate liao!! haha.. i got my license 1 yr already!!

Lol i wasnt in the pic as Im taking the pictures.. and when the time comes.. its already.. showing... BATTERY LOW!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day before Today

Yesterday.. went to church in the morning and to Funan to meet leon and daniel. He lost veron's memory card and bought a new one for her.. I felt that he really responsible la. If its me.. things are hard to say.. haha.. cos i relli no money nw.. haha. Daniel money can earn bck de!
Went to practise at MS... for yuan dian competition.. Thanks Khim for teaching us on stage presentation.. and how to walk on stage.. Thanks alot Panda! Went Maxwell for our dinner.. Then to yuan dian...

Getting our numbers ready...!! Waiting for our turn to perform on stage.. Aniwae.. notice why am I having number 34... The person foget to add in my name.. then Im the last for the night.. haha.. Its worth the wait though.. Cos I got in to the next rnd..

Congrats to Khim, Daniel, Chu Ming, Cordilia, Chris's Duet. As for Shan2 and Leon.. Im not good at encouraging at this point of time.. But i felt that U both did well.. and Realli through Tommy I felt that all of us have improved.. Lets move on... because of our passion and the desire to sing..! We can see the effort all of us put in also.. Jiayou!

Some Cloning pics we took BY WAYNE and DONE BY WAYNE!! Nicee....