Monday, July 28, 2008

Rest day!

Wah finally can rest at home on a Monday, but theres really so many things to do lo. Gonna submit Talent Quest Semi Final song later. Will be singing 情画 by liu gen Hong! Chosen by Khim thanks! Hahas. So most of us went into the semi finals so I wanna wish u all the best also!

Life is real fun! but no time to update!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to Blog!

so sorry i nvr reply all tags.. haha. gt no time to even go into my blog. so im so bz with wrk n other things. schedule is packed. hmm.. its realli so tight.. hahas. Thing are good with God though! lol..
Aniwae went to support them for Talent Quest. Leon got in to the next round, Joanne also.. hahas.. So happy for her la! lols... Aniwae.. The rest. Esp Sharon dun b disheartened.. cos this is ur first step.. Ur first audition, first quarter finals on stage.. first performance.. U have put in lotsa effort already..! Jiayou all!!hahas... Hey sian relli got no pics...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Talent Quest 08!

Hmm Yea.. Elson and me got into the semi finals of Talent quest 08! hmmm.. Daniel did not... probably his sick.. hmm his hand really cold one.. hmm nvm theres still jus so many chance.. nt like me going to army feed mosquitoes soon? lols.. Hmm aniwae Elson! Did real well! First time perform chinese song on stage u noe? U gt the seh! lols.. Thank God! hahas.. Thanks all who came dwn frm cell grp, frm MS, secondary sch frens.. daddy n mummy.. Saw my frens chatting with mum also hahas.. so funny!! Aniwae at cgm today!! Sophia birthday!! yea.. HAppy Birthday to u!! God Blessing you now!! Sophia!! Everything will be fine for u!! hahas... Such a tiring week!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Online Shopping!

Hahas.. Ytd I wanna call Elson and pray for him through fone.. but i didnt manage to.. for 2 days.. 1st day he didnt pick up... 2nd day he picked up n i dun haf the courage.. even end up doing ONLINE SHOPPING.. hahas he give me lobang one.. I spent less than $30 hahas... while he.. erm 3 digits?? lols.. Taiwan clothes are nice de lo.. and its so cheap.. for less than $30 i bought 2 accessories and 1 T shirt! hahas... aiyo jie jie can c lei...

LOL... Sian er!!!! Beeen wrking again.. hahas.. but ytd went to meet Eileen and Samuel.. Wah first time go out with Cg ppl.. nope.. first few times.. hahas.. Its great! Everyday meet frens la!! Today met sharon.. finally... Tmr Hoping for Bible study!! and MS frens..

Theres still something clinging on!! hahas..

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Deliverance over! Yes.. 1 yr for this powerful period again!! All evil spirit casted out!! People manifesting!! People weeped!! Cry out to God!! God healed them..! God's love for us is so great! So warm! So close! Powerful Lord!

Found new love from brothers and sisters in church. Many that i dunno, Many that i know but not close.. all came! all prayed for me! Its just a place filled with Love!

Pray that all brothers and sisters and city harvesters! that went through all these.. will feel the peace that God had blessed us with! Start to pray now people! Its a new life in us again!

Everything is healed, resolved, casted away from me! Holy spirit filled me!! Hahas.. Sorry to non christians.. this post abit too in depth and unacceptable by u all yet.. But theres this God that relli is so Great! Witness this nxt yr! magnificient!

New Experience!

Sorry.. it seems so long since i blogged... hmm.. but its saturday! and we went to church again.. today w/o shaun and elson.. today is a very powerful service.. although i dun realli get the sermon well.. but i noe its abt disappointment! Ya. during deliverance. Starting im so lost.. secretly laughing at y ppl scream.. until its 5 secs later so drastic.. the presence of God so strong.. and i noe im shaking and crying... shouting and ppl praying for me.. its so xin ku.. But i really wanna let them go!! all out!! hahas...

Aniwae.. It feels good.. ! Today mireen and Vindy came!! Praise Lord!! Hmm.. Hahas.. aniwae.. Wrking been fine! No time to go out!! So sad!! So no pics!! Tmr dunno gt teach nich or not.. im so worry!! Sorry nicholas lei.. im serious.. im nt playing a fool... i see u jiayou alr!!! keep it up ok!

Sorry for being abit boring la.. cos no pics!! lols..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


HAhas.. She really very funni one lo.. Can be so emotional! Can be so talkative! Can be so crazy! Can be so caring also.. And when ppl care for her! She really appreciative! Hahas.. thankful girl like her!! hahas.. Random!!!

WOOTS!!! FORGET TO SAY SOMETHING SIA!!! ER ZUO JU!!! WENT IN!! hahas... Lols.. I voted ok.. but nt as much as them!! lols.. but all add tgt nt bad liao!! Jiayou!!!

Really nth much abt my wrking life! Shall blog again with pics!!!

Argh! Deliverance is super coming!! Scared!God Bless me!! Clean me!!! But!!! AHH!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Jus Started Work! At Express 21... Hahas.. Its an engineering contractor!! lols.. sub contractor for Singtel!! I like the Job because it is interesting!! And Can learn new things! Its about getting to different sites to do sites survey... !! Sites Survey? Meaning somehow plan how the cable goes.. go and look for the way.. to connect cable!! Hahas.. nt bad.. but my performance like. ERM! hahas.. Sians!! Nth much this few days. wrk le is like tt de!! hahas..