Thursday, January 31, 2008


Haha! That was fast n my blog is rusty liao. Aniwae.. ytd when i came home frm sch.. at 1230am. lol.. project till so late.. reli sian. And im sorry i cant wake up this morning... aniwae ytd my laptop spoiled.. cant open.. n heng i gota recover everything again.. here goes my fotos.. n everything!!! sway. First is adapter now is this!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


My adapter is finally changed. all thanks to denise. Thanks! haha.. aniwae.. so sian.. past few days unable to blog adapter spoil.. cant online cant gb.. cant dota.. totally cant do anything.. haha.. Aniwae. this week have been good! Im in love with her.. but not loved.. oh so SAD! but nvm la.. its the matter of time right? nope? ya? aniwae.. take care people!

Monday, January 21, 2008

46mins after sunday!

Hihi.. Yea! its sunday morning.. N i went to church this morning.. nvr stop loving the time to worship and praise God! haha.. aniwae... this remind me of posting the photo of our xmas foto at tommy's hse!! Thanks again for everione who came! God Bless You!LOL!I looking where? and JY? haha

Aniwae went to the park in the evening today.. with a boyboy. My mum's friend's son.. haha... And theres a guy who starts to beautify the environment.. haha by filling the air with lots of bubbles.. big n small sizes...

How nice the bubbles are? look at the bubbly kids too!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

NP Open Hse..Project Exhibition!

Hi.. Today is Ngee Ann second day of open hse.. haha.. indeed there are quite a number of babes.. haha.. Today Im stuck in a room from 9 till ard 4+ of cos. moving around the small place too. because today is the day where my group get to get our project exhibit! They are a number of year2s and year1s.. Although its abt turn off to see our game.. but i hope they get to learn something.. also get to see many very good projects.. I really think ECE are doing well! This are my project mates under my supervisor.... they are with me.. supporting one another for 2 semesters..
This Photo taken 3 months back.(Left) Douglas,Zahra,Li En,Yuan Yuan,Ben,QianCheng(Right)

My project group! Doing Online Games Design for Educational Purpose!

Around 4.. went to atrium with Cas,Jamie,Elin,Zy... to watch the performance on S POP! The superstars are here to sing the songs composed by the new composers taking part in the competition.. There are just too many people that i can get a gd shot.. N its my HandPhone.. Hw well can it get?! Aniwae... Carrie is pretty.. Diya was there... Nat too.. a few other superstars there too... NT bad.. But im rushing for vocal lessons.. i didnt get to finish listening and watching their performance..

Aniwae my first Vocal lesson was great.. conducted by anthony Png.. Get to learn some basics.. and built our confidence up! Knowing the difference of singing with diaphragm compared to throat... and the flow of a song.. Knowing that we are also an instrument itself.. Thanks Teacher!
After that... queued up for BBQ pork for my sis at Chinatown! Photos.. below...

This is the queue.. its quite ok.. think consider short already!

Have a nice Day Peeps!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hihi! Went to Toa Pa Yoh today twice.. firstly im there with my sis.. as she needs to submit some documents..Somehow.. the document is very important and urgent to her.. fortunately the man working at the deck had decided to helped her.. by chopping a stamp and personally handling the documents to his officer.. How Fortunate..the she shopped for so many cheapo new year clothes.. haha.. aniwae looks nice on her too.. Haha.. then she went bck there again in the evening to change her shorts size to a larger size! Haha.. Then Mum was there too just now.. and she went on some retail therapy too...!! haha.. n me? I went swimming in Toa Pa Yoh swimming complex.. haha. And saw some training on the other pool.. So professional! I did too little when im young..I wanted to sing and swim! Im going to finish the courses.. not half way done. No regrets.. Its good to learn more.
Met Zy for some coffee at coffee bean and chatted a while... lol.. after that... when he was suppose to meet Wk bck home.. He founf out that he lost his wallet.. we went around searching for it.. under the chairs of coffee bean.. toilets.. urinals.. pathways... sun plaza.. places where we hang around b4 meeting Wk.. When we gave up and went bck to the station.. Wk was holding on to the black lost wallet! Haha! O Fortunate Zy to have met a guy whos kind hearted! The guy hold on the wallet and looking for people whos searching or something.. He passed it to Wk.. and Zy was really happy and treat that guy to a bottle of green tea.. lol.
This is the lesson! C how fortunate u r when someone return you wad u have lost..No point stealing as for me.. i found a 8250 some years back.. i took it home and use.. but..months later i lost the phone.. TOGETHER WITH MY BAG!... once in arcade i took a phone also during poly days.. and.. I LOST MY LAPTOP...! but i lost my laptop first... its never worth it! So.. Be kind! Repent on wad u did..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Singing Adventure starts now!

Hi.. Im so happy today. My Singing adventure starts from today.. haven been a passion to sing for a long time. I finally got a chance to learn music at Music Story! Thanks to the promotion price they are giving.. and a supportive mum!

After school, I took a bus to Dover to meet Sharon and ate something with CG too. Sharon accompanied me to go to registration and the tour. That people there are kind and fun to talk with too. Also Chatted with Anthony Png. Haha.. Project Superstar Judge! and Khim's mum! Irene.. Didnt even believe her whn she told me.

After Registration I walked to China Town with Sharon to have our dinner and proceed to so photo taking session with her. haha..

Poor skills she have but got me!

Finally my hand is better.

Dimple sia. Y?

Wah! Wad shes doing? but it feel good. But its oni mirror effect!

Same here! My turn..thanks to mirror..

Now see how Proud of myself I am!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2E5 Mini Reunion. are jus some of the pics we took like few weeks ago. Haha. Meet up with long time no see friend.. Charis. Together with yt, zy n jy.. haha.. although its jus tt few hours but its great to meet up..

Intended to meet up also with charis..edwin.. n guys... hopefully shirui too! IT WILL B A BLESSING!

Monday, January 14, 2008

First Post.

Hi.Aniwae bck to blogger again. Feeling that its easier and faster. However seems like i jus LOVE to hop around changing blogs. So this time round I shant say that i will b persistent but I will try! Jus Hoping that there will b readers. I dun wanna feel as though Im typing for myself and sharing with myself. If my life is interesting, I wanna Share with u my frens cum readers. I am still taking my time to slowly amend the blog. Tag me.. and I will link u soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sing Out 08

Yes! I have a passion for singing.. and i had joined a few singing auditions.. n finally! i passed one audition! so happy! Project superstar 2 audition.. NONO! done by music clinic... NONO!.. and now.. Sing Out 08 done by music story.. yesh! finally pass 1 audition. and its a start frm now on.. haha.. i noe i will try my best. and i guess haha.. its coming to an end soon.. but will try to join more of this often.. haha.. some pics took.