Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Moments!

Wow! Aniwwae.. yes.. few days ago. Yes Went to meet up my sec 2E5 classmates! hahas.. So cool man.. although not all but its a good time spent.. HAhas. It cost me $20 for the meal at Fish N Co.. but really worth that gathering. hahas. Especially Charis, QiuYan, Jiweng.. some of them that we really never been meeting for superb long. Hahas.. But Po cant make it.. but yea.. we still emt ytd night.. for supper with alvin.. hahas.. thanks alvin for the night rides for supper n chill!! lols... =))

Hahas.. then its yesterday.. went to meet Elson for another round of Bible Study again!! hahas.. this time round I learnt something new too.. But im kinda distracted by the food ( Cos we Did BS in Foodcourt.. Brilliant =X), by the 2 frens around.. cos they reached earlier.. aniwae after all its a fast session.. so sians.. Haha.. Then had cheapo Mac.. Cos.. Student meal.. Nicholas help me buy!

Nxt we proceed to Dhoby Ghaut.. The Cathay to watch Driving Lessons.. During the show.. Omg.. Going crazy.. No subtitles.. and the slang of the show are too much for me.. It will be good for veron though. Lols. At First I thought, OMG, this is a really bad show la!! After some explanation by Elson and the trailers.. Hahas.. think about what I had just watched.. Not bad lei.. hahas... Hahas.. I even manage to explain to them..

Hmm... Today gave my First Student! Nicholas.. Tuition.. taught him Maths.. Gear Him Up for his N Level.. Hmm.. I felt abit stress... But i still decided to commit.. hahas.. Lols.. Yo Nich! I hope you understand what I had taught you today.. Revise it at home ok.. Come on! Its not too late.. have a Positive attitude.. you can do it! Aniwae.. I not fierce or strict just that we only have that 2 hours per week.. so its quite crucial.. and I wanna use it to the fullest.. To make our time and your money worth! Hahas..learn and get urself ready for this race.. Hahas.. Jiayou!! Remember the Formulae.. hahas!! Try to look through it! Jiayou!! You can do it! Like what others and what I taught too.. U r clever! Good Job in your singing test also! Cya soon..

Went MS and sang luo ye gui gen today.. HAhas.. I like.. haha must push more of my jia yin!! lols... Omg.. Jiayou!!!! Its for quarter Finals!! Lols.. hahas.. Yea.. Looking forward to tmr more!! hahas.. Service and Cgm!! Invited new friends along..

..Last but not least some photos.. including those at the party world!! hahas.

Party World ( From Mireen's Blog)
CrazyShot!! Sians.. AnQi and Wendy left first!!
Trying to be formal! Lols.. MY face!
Aiyer Me!! lols.. And i seriously dunno.. wads behind the board ah! Jordan!!! lols..

Mireen Look at her eyes!! LOLss.

2E5 Gathering

Qiuyan! Yanting! Charis!
Incomplete grp foto before meal!! No zy!!
Yea.. thats a better ONE!!
Yea A better 2!! lols.. Shiok sia 2E5

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Thank God today is a Blessed Day!

Firstly! In the afternoon, I received a call from Recruit Express less than 5mins after I send my resume! I am given a chance to choose 2 jobs.. One of which is At Singapore Press Holdings.. Working as Data Entry of Olympics Results! Sounds Fun. But! Cos I may need to work on weekends.. Clashes with CGM and service! So I chose the other one, Site Coordinator Assistant.. Doing Data Entry and going to sites to do measurements... Tmr need to wait for interview..wrking monday till friday 830-530! Saturday 830 to 1230! Its at Ang Mo Kio. Near to my house, Near to Cell Group meeting in the afternoon, Not very far frm MS also... hahas. I really Pray that i can get the Job! Pls.....

Secondly! Bible Study in the evening with Elson. Sophia came along.. Cos she asked me to eat with her dinner.. end up i ate first.. So we bible Study and she ate at Mos Burger.. Thanks Alot Elson!! hahas.. you said you are new to teach BS. However, I think that you are Good at it! Really.. Somehow.. I really think that I learn something.. And in the process of BS, many things struck my mind. Im gonna think about it! Hmmm.. sorry Sophia didnt tok to you much. But you complimented Elson too.. Hahas.. Fruitful day for us! lols. Right Sophia?! hahas.. Pls. Elson and Sophia If got read.. Tag hor.. let me know! Lols =P

Thirdly, Watch Incredible Hulk with both of them after Bible Study. Actually just going to Mount Zion then Elson initiated to go and take a look at the cinema! and Pop! we watching movie already! hahas.. Random! Its quite a nice show! Alot of Actions! Very Cool! It will be better. If we watched at other cinema! and recommended by Elson and Sophia! AMK HUB! Cathay! at a price of $6 in the afternoon oni. student!! I still got my card along! hahas... Just now Cinema oni gt 4 ppl. including us.. w/o us it wld be oni 1! lols..


Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

Its Dajie and Dajie Fu's ROM. hahas.. I am so happy for them that they get married already. The place is nice.. Its glass almost everywhere at the second floor of a Country Club so when u look out from all directions.. Its all grass plains and water because its a Golf Course So Cool!! But got a big spoiler.. The SO CALL professional Photographer introduced by the boutique.. JIT TAO nvr come! heng got many back up talents~! lols.. nt me though!

Then went to look at MS performance!! And at night went to KTV with Alumni! haha Singout 08 1st BAtch! lols.. Yea most of them went.. wa felt good with all of them.. except for PJ,Ella and terence that cannot make it. but with have mireen, jeremy and Collin's fren, Jacky along! hahas.
Aniwae.. Towards the last 30mins was damn fun! hahas.. we jus cant stop dancing n jumping LOL! Funni sia.. abit paisei! Even Ivan, ZhuMing, Jeremy, Jordan LOL! first time see them so HighLOL...! lols.. and Collin's fren.. quiet quiet.. also high liao!! so funni!!! Fun... AnQi and Wendy Next time we stay longer OK!? hahas..

Then To Khim's house.. to celebrate ZhuMing and Hsinwen's bdae! same day so cool!!!


Went to have our breakfast!! and!! proceed to church!! Walau.. waited so long lo.. the cab also dun wanna come!! haha.. Satan wanna stop us frm bringing sharon n Nicholas go? Despite that God is Great!! lols... Hallelujah!! We still make it to church.. Late for 25mins...! Lols.. Cos Sharon accepted Christ ytd!! hahas.. Yes! My prayer come true!! lols..!! thanks to Elson, Guess u also be praying for her too! and the way u talk to her definitely plays a Big Part cos i dunno hw to speak!!

Aniwae went to Hsinwen's house for steamBoat!! Wahaha!! Yummy lo.. but many ppl cant come.. Still it was fun.. jus by looking at Hsinwen's face.. hahas.. And Food!! Played Mahjong... Chinese Chess!! lols.. Classic lei!! Lols..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Talent Quest 2008

Hmmm.. SingOut08 is over.. went to took part in Talent Quest 08.. in Chong Pang.. hahas.. ME, Cordelia, Edwin, Sharon, Elson, Shan2, ZhuMing, Daphne, Vivian, Daniel, Leon, Sophia, Cindy and Vindy!! Haha paisei forget to write earlier on!! =)) all went in the auditions.. YEAH! I will be in the second quarter Finals with Elson also.. which is 12th of July =) I dunno abt the rest yet. Jiayou All! Hahas.. Forget to take picture.. But im really quite stun by the audition place. hahas.. its beside the market.. and our quarter finals will be held at the stage beside the Hawker!

Yes! Looking forward to tmr.. SingOut08 Finalists outing to KTV.. woots!! Biao Biao Biao GE!!! lols!! hahas.. n tmr more surprises awaiting =))

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hahas. Just created an Imeem player. hahas. Seems like the whole world already using already.. hahas. And im still so fascinated over it! hahas. aniwae. Hmm.. I download this player because of this song. Hahas. 我们的天空! So nice lo.. And as I listen to this song.. Wah memories came bck again.. Although not I sing one la. =) HAhas.. Aniwae.. Going to join Talent Quest 2008. Held at ChongPang.. Its at yishun. Hahas.. Some ulu neighbourhood compeition Lols =))

Monday, June 16, 2008

Post SingOut 08 Feelings

Results for the Finals!
1st - M5 Jordan
2nd - F4 Wendy
3rd - F1 Seow Fong
4th - M6 Ben (Me!)
5th - M2 Zhu Ming
6th - F2 PJ
Best Duet - M4 Collin and F4 Wendy
Best Popularity- F1 Seow Fong
Consolations - The rest

YEAH!!!! Sing Out 08 is over.. Hais... Not really very happy over it!! Just happy that can rest a while after everyday of practising.. 1 month oni.. I felt tired.. Cant Imagine those superstars.. Everyday sing.. everyday practise.. everyweek compete..Suddenly feel lost.. Nothing to look forward to already. Just last week when we need to go back to MS so often till 11+ for rehearsals.. Clapping and cheering for each other... So fast Its over now.

Im Contented.. I struggled to the top 6.. Im happy that I am able to sing finish all the songs I had prepared... However.. Not all have the opportunity to be able to sing their 3rd songs.. But I feel that you are really did well.. and so much better compared to the rehearsals.. We see how we grow through this competition! I felt that we have improved... and.. personally I dun shiver that much on stage anymore! Starting to feel high about it though! I enjoy all these moments..

Thankful Moments!

God - Thank God for the talents that I have to perform and sing.. And for the people I have met along the way in Music Story that really build my confidence level and techniques.. And being my pillar during stress and down moments in the competitions..!

Family- Woots! Thank You so much to my family and aunty that came dwn to support me. I really feel so thankful.. Erjie who did the board with her friends.. And Da Jie who drove my family down.. and giving me comments that sometimes make me feel so sian lol. And dad n mum.. To come down.. Ur presence is enough already! Aunty hahas.. sponsor me some money to buy costumes.. Mum also sponsored me thanks!

Contestants - All the contestants from M1 Alton, F1 Seow Fong, M2 Zhu Ming, F2 PJ, M3 Ivan, F3 An Qi, M4 Collin, F4 Wendy, M5 Jordan, F5 Ella, F6 Vivian, M7 Rial, F7 Daphne, M8 Terence, F8 Winnie. As we come tgt to rehearse... Haha.. at the bckstage.. hahas.. Felt bonded with u all.. really motivated whenever we come tgt to sing! Meet up soon!

Music Story- And this includes Fang Lao Shi, Tommy, Calvina, Veron, Khim, all the teachers that have given me golden comments and advices!! Thank you for all the practices organise.. all the rehearsals and a place for us to gather! Thanks to Commitee.. For being there to stay late and organising the events! Thanks to all Good frens.. Like Khim, Elson, Shaun, Sharon, Vivian, Mireen, Nicholas, Hsinwen, Leon for being there even when Im at elson's house practising.. and Elson and shaun for lending me ur clothes and home to practise.. Sharon.. haha always there for me de.. all rounder! Vivian.. being my duet partner is a blessing liao! hahas.. so cute so supportive also.. Hsinwen for jus looking at u is some kind of relieve lols...! Khim my teacher and a Great Fren!

Secondary sch and poly frens - Thank U all for coming.. Sorry for not able to spend time with u all.. I will make and effort really but its so difficult!! Aniwae thanks JY n ZY for standing up and waving the board.. Looks so nice from the stage.. Lightsticks and whistles from u all.. So high! when heard!! lols.. Grace n wendy.. being there to support me though we nvr meet for so long.. Cas,LL,Weishi being early! and saying my bckview handsome! kns! lols...

Cellgroup Frens - Wah the only 2 people from N380 that came to support me..Priscilla and Sophia! Though I cannot spot u all.. But really Thanks for coming.. and for the chocolate..!

Sisters friends- Thanks for doing the boards for me even when u dunno me and nvr see me before haha.. Walk pass me also dunno..! So funni.. and screams and cheers from you peeps! And Dawn jie who came alone to support me! hahas..

Mum's friends- Haha.. Thank the aunties and the kids they brought along to support me thank u so much! and buying extra votes for me too!!
Thanks for all These!!
Boards done by Er Jie and her friends!
Blessings from MS and Sharon!
Done by Elson and Sharon! and anione else?! Not sure.. aniwae.. Thanks Alot!
They printed more than 10 for me.. Thanks~!!
Meiji Milk Chocolates from Priscilla and Sophia!
Messages frm Er Jie And Friends!

Some pictures took on the day!! More to come!!

Bckstage with Khim!
After Competition! With Champion Jordan!! Haha.. is 14 i 20.. lols 老liao!!
With elson, Khim,Edwin and abit of Alton haha.. after Finals le so happy!
Took with Cindy before finale song!
Another pic with cindy!
During Practise and Rehearsals!! At Elson's house and MS!!
Hahas. Wad a face.
Relax A while la!
During last rehearsal on friday!
Khim and Veron rehearsing also!

From Auditions to Final! THE JOURNEY!
Auditions!! hahas..
With Caseline!!
Quarter Finals with Wendy!
The Shivering 爱情树!
Transformation into a 男俑!

Duet with Vivian
Fast Song! 改变自己!
And Everybody say! NANANANANA!! My face like constipation!
Wah! I like this pic of 那首歌!

Last Week

Hi Guys! Last Week had been busy yet fun. U guys may have already read it.. on other ppl's blog. Hahas.. Or grabbed some pics.. aniwae I dun haf a camera.. hahas.. Well.. Last Sunday, 10th of June. Went To The Big Groove 2008. Its Asia Hiphop Festival. Haha. Its at the expo where dancers from all around the world.. hahs.. erm.. philippines, Japan, Singapore, Australia and more.. that come to this place and really danced.. bboy! Locking! Popping! wow.. super kuazhang de nice.. especially the Japs.. really dance well.. and the choreography so nice! There 2 kids.. at the age of 8 and 13 i think. can dance so well at such young age.. bright future! Last Monday, 11th of June. Went to Sentosa with MSians.. hahas.. It was fun! hahas..

All Grabbed!! hahas... Notice something?! My shorts got hole.. due to aggressiveness!! lols.. Other days.. we will met at Elson and Shaun's house for practise!!! haha.. and rehearsals in MS..

Will post again!! on my Post competition Feelings!! hahass... =)