Saturday, May 23, 2009

3rd Sgt!

Ytd was a very meaningful day. For the past 14 weeks, I was in this artillery specialist course and only waiting for this day.

It was the parade yesterday and we rehearsed for 2 days from morning till evening or even night. The abrasions, sunburn and awkward tan lines really worth the moment when u stand right infront of ur parents and frens at the leaders square. I really can see the effort put in for all of us and the encouragement we recieved during the rehearsal. In the end everybody did put up a good show wearing our berets and the 3 stripes.

As for the course, it was the most challenging course for me. Thank God for the motivating and crazy bunch of people in my detachment.

Kenny - The super motivating leader of my bunk, super welfare to us. He got a big tool! LOL
JingHan - Super hardworking and most knowledgable in our bunk!
Wei Xiang - Asam! although u ooc the first week haha but u also help us alot. except for ur shoes n bed!!
Guan Ling - Our Silver Bayonet Holder! Weet!! Good Job! haha.
Lin Hang - Super Joker with his default smiley face u keep us happy!
Mun Hon - PTI! Mr Verticals! Lol... It will b difficult to see him nt naked for a day!
Han Yong - My BMT and ASC fren! Haha... Quiet but very touchy beware!
Han Jie - Very nice to talk to and is a super pro gamer.
Timothy - Hmm... can say is our bunk musician le ba... haha.

I wish all of u good luck in ur future endeavours! AND I reallly thank u all. Now we are 3rd sgts already!