Monday, September 29, 2008


haha im bck!!! 1845 on wednesday im going book in!
Hmm.. Life quite fun inside.. Tough also.. but CAN BE DONE ONE..
Met my family! so happy.. some frens when book out!
Book in also nt bad gt frens already!
Im rdy... Hopes all fine!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bye guys!

Haha!! Its tmr guys!! 1030 and I'll be in tekong Island!
Take care!!
Hey anione can help me put one timer in my blog!!!
Countdown to my POP!!
Take care all!!
SMS n call me!!!

HAHA i cut botak liao!! hehesss...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


2 days time!!

Where I going to?
Which part of Tekong?
Who will I meet?
What to be prepared of?
Who my sergeant?
Who my officer?
What my company?
What my platoon?
What my section?
Where I sleep?
Why must I go?
Why is it compulsory?
Why I need to go through this?
When will I wake up?
When will I sleep?
What time i book out?
What I eat?
Who I miss the most?
Where is my family?
Where is church?
Where is everyone?

What ever it is!!!!!!
Whenever I think abt NS!
Which Cos me to feel damn sian!!!! MISS everything, everyone, everytime, every freedom!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

last 4 days!!

walau its last 4 days!!!

LIKE that lor!!
LIKE that lor!!!


Aniwae last few weekdays at home liao!!!

And thanks i understand wads going on!!

Feel like meeting all ppl b4 army!!

GO out with Family sing K eat dinner jus nw!!

Met sec frens alr!!!


Im gonna MS one of these days~!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Things Went Wrong!

Went not for an ordinary dinner, 2nd time with cell grp leader and alot of cell grp members having dinner.. sacrificed dance... and the horror starts...

Im not being unappreciative.. just for this lesson.. not to compete abt the levels of busy with anione.. but relli busy. no confidence... im nt going to continue for my dance alr...! Aniwae i dance sucks.. and i going ns soon.. still need to go out with many peoples and family first...

MS if u want me to pay finish the money yea i will... and thanks for the saint that pay for me.. i will continue to pay..

Friendship i still want if u all want..

Thats all la.. continue to have hidden meanings in u people... i dun mind... my fault.. jus push all to me la.. convenient also...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Too much to update!

Its never too good to stop bloggin!! cos when its time i wanna blog.. i dunno where to start already... Photos also not easy to kope from other blog.. hahas.. basically.. have been good n bad times ever since I end my wrk...

Meeting with Singout peeps... to bowling, pool, eat and hang out... its fun!!
Meeting up and felowship with cg members even more!! That includes making cards during tuesday meeting and also playing badminton meeting new frens!! hahas.. like zhao xiang and vanessa!! Nice to know u!!
Meeting MS peeps to go watch Be A Star!! hahas...
Busy sleeping and slacking...

Bad times dun wish to share.. not good also...

Alright!! Really dunno wad to write le.. i know its sian.. yea wait for my NS life to be updated ba!
JUST 8 days!!!