Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summary of this week!

Hahas. Out of 10 days of morning prayer at Jurong West City Harvest Church, Paya Lebar Heart of God Church and Marine Parade Church of Singapore. I had went 3 times to CHC and 1 time to Heart of God church! Meaning 4 times.. hahas... Wow although its so tired gotta wake up at 445 am every morning.. wow but its relli very refreshing in spirit!! hahas.. however still can feel the tireness and load on my eye lid!! hahas

Wow ytd went to chong pang to support the MSians in the Finals of Talent Quest!! That is great!! Elson got third!!! which is a very very good encouragement and breakthrough!! First time join singing competition and got third! Thank God for blessing him with abundance love, care and protection!! hahas..

AND VIVIAN EU!! wow.. she got first!!! hahas.. really happy for her.. she really sing so well.. I think after so many competitions, practices and performance.. she have endured so much.. and this is a Great Great Encouragement and result to show that she have improved so much!! and Yea... Practise sure make perfect!!! hahas.

Congrats all of them ytd who went into finals also.. its good!! hahas... Really enjoyed... and sorry to leave first as i went to meet my sec best buddies!! hahas..

They booked out frm tekong!! yea.. they changes alot mentally and physically! happy for them la.. but abit sian cos they 2 weeks time POP le.. and thats when 5 days after their POP.. is my freaking ENLISTMENT!! Aniwae is part of life la.. no need sian!!! Be a man do the right thing!! hahas.. kanasai ytd dream of going enlistment de! but so Fake.. where gt aircon one!!! LOL.. sharon go army!? hahas forget it ba... lols..

OK nvm.. Im prepared for wadever things that gonna come! God be with me.. I find peace in You!! hahas.. hope that i will sow there in this new market place that God had lead me to!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

=))) (((=

Hahas.. Realise that N380 is really growing eh! hahas.. Hmm ytd in cgm, theres this guy Ryan who join us for the first time. Brother Darren asked him to come to our cgm to improve and build up the atmosphere of our cgm! hmm.. He did wad he was told. Being humble and willing to serve for God. Ryan had been 9 yrs chrisitian.. serve in musician ministry. play guitar and trumpet well! His the guitarist from dreamfactory. Last of All, Thank God for this new brother.

Ytd service was also quite interesting.. theres alot of funny terms. and drawing while Pastor evaluates for us!! hahas. Yea.. aniwae... it was great.

Been to prayer meeting last friday, the atmosphere is so great. The moment I step in the presence of God is so strong. I prayed till i feel the tears in my eyes! I feel that there will be a great breakthrough away from my weaknesses and strongholds!! Im so motivated to go again!! But work!! hais.. HOW?! I have faith in God!

Today, Mum and me talked about God. I failed to really tell her wad is it about. Theres time when she talked back unreasonably. But God i still stand with u.. by faith i noe things will change!! Hmmm. Some financial problem also!! Hais... Oh God!!!

Olympics fever!

Haha there was some Olympics fever for the past week!! Yea!! Especially to Singapore who won the 2nd silver medal!! in their whole olympics!!! It has been a silver medal again for Women table tennis today!! since 1960! YEa!!

Hmm.. And Michael Phelps who won the historic 8 Golds! Its really Cool! He swims damn fast. His a Torpedo!! hahas.. and American team won the 4x200 relay for like broke the record 6 secs faster! hahas.. However, Singapore still do quite well! For Tao Li too!! First time in Finals!! Hmm theres alot of first and second times this year! It will be a great encouragement for Singapore!

Some pictures!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

National Day Parade!!

Some pictures with N380!!

At The CIC new comers dinner!! And its my honour!!! Thank you God! Even got a chance to take picture with Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan and Pastor Derrick!

Tree Top Trial!! with N380!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Weekend!

It was a great weekend at NDP!! hahas.. National day yesterday! The Jet plane black Knight shows are so nice!! OMG.. Fireworks are cool! hahas...

Today was even Greater! I took picture with Pastor Kong, Pastor Tan and Pastor Derrick! at the dinner at Roland Seafood Restaurant! Hahas.. Yea! Finish CIC already!! Its jus so cool!

Today service sit on the 5th row! Jus 4 rows behind the pastors!! Today felt so near to the leaders and pastors! Service talks about servanthood too! Im going to do my best for The Lord! hahas...

Pictures to be uploaded again!! Gotta go to sleep le!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Oh.. Past week really had been so packed. All about Work, BS, Vocal, Dance and Frens. Competition use to have. Now no more of it.

Saturday, Tree top trail!! Yea! With our cell group members!! HAha we conquer almost 70% of it! hahas. really can see how we love each other!! and support each other! The fun we had.. Hmm.. I knew i did something wrong.. thanks for a brother thats younger than me yet.. reminded me that I am wrong! hahs.. I will change to be more and more like Jesus Christ! lols... Its also Elwins bdae!! Will upload the pics soon. probably tmr!

Hais last Sunday, bloody shit i got myself into deep shit.. by having a flu, blocked nose and super lousy voice. Even talking i also can 破音! Its like! hais.. However really a hard time for me.. never take care of health and practise. Elson going through hard time trying to hit the notes and memorise too.. Thank God that he made it to finals with daphne, vivian, zhuming, leon, cindy n vindy! Hmm.. Thank God that I can finish the whole song with the least 破音 for the day! I can really feel the peace of God. After that day.. still felt disappointed too!

Great! This week working is getting better! Stress but finally show results! really Thank God for the breakthrough in my work! Hmm... Jus keep on believing!! I can prosper in life wherever I go! Prayers meeting been good too!

Gotta rest le.. pictures later! tmr!