Sunday, February 22, 2009


Haha... my lovely princesses... So happy lor.. saw them at causeway point yesterday after swimming. and they are SHE! as pretty as usual.. nope should have said even prettier hahas. Will really put in some effort to support them!

Probably the most Saddist Camp!

Im posted to Khatib Camp Artillery Institute. Its super regimental. Perfect marching, doubling from point to point, No MP3, super strict stand by area and bed. I can understand why they have to do this because we are trainees. however sometimes I just cannot stand the way the sergeants have to shout as us. Like we are deaf or worse, deaf dogs! Being here got to carry alot of heavy parts. I hope this 13 weeks will passssssssss real fast just like BMT and BSLC. And probably I will b free as a 3rd sergeant? But being in atillery, just hoping to get some opportunities to know more about the weapon and overseas training. Good thing for this course is, standard field pack items not needed already, camo OFF! Cheers! but helmet still on my coconut head!

K Box session!

For the past week after passing out from BSLC, finally got the time to go for some k box sessions. Actually wanted to meet people from MS but still didnt make it. I went for 2 k sessions. First with Cas and wendy. The other with Jamie pictures uploaded later ba. Will upload some pics for cas and wendy session first. For more pics actually can go to my facebook.

Been to causeway point yesterday to see SHE also.. . they are just so pretty! haha.. and it was really a coincidence to see them. I didnt know they will go there. But its a pity they didnt sang any song yesterday! haha. will upload the picture later or probably next week. its with alvin and zy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thinking and thoughts.

Hi.. Recently I had witness many things that happen to some of my friends. I need my friends around me to buck up. Everything can be overcome as time goes by... just need u people to be stronger. Encourage one another not on the sympathetic side. Care for one another from the bottom of a true heart. I want no one to leave me. I want no friend to be box out. I want no one to be loner.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Mine is a dark valentine... always single every year..

Hmm.. so many things puzzled me in life. Why do some people do things this way and that way..? Why do such things happen to me and us?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Belinda's 21st Birthday!


Hey! Been sometime almost a month since i blogged! Life been almost the same.. its all about army and out of army. More of the things that happen are Chinese 牛 year! WeiShi's and Belinda's 21st birthday and Alvin's birthday thats coming soon.

Could not enjoy much of CNY. I actually booked in on the 2nd day of CNY and the 3rd to 4th day i had gone for field camp. Same for the Monday to Wednesday that just passed. But that marks the end of this course. I am left with 1 week.

During the book out, I enjoy alot with my frens. Especially during the birthday celebrations. Took quite alot of pictures. Its all in my facebook. Can go and take a look. =)

PS. Anyone interested in beach volleyball and likes to frequent sentosa for beach volleyball please tag me. I need such frens.