Saturday, October 25, 2008

Half way through!

Hi!! long bk out frm friday til monday! Veri happy! Hmm half way through BMT le.. kinda feel sian.. yet kinda excited. probably because of the new built frenship in this platoon.. we went through the training tgt.. encouraging each other... hmm.. after POP things will change again la.. dun wanna lose these frens lei.. appreciate them for the encouragements and fun.. if nt army will not b so fun liao.. it will b very sucky. sergeant and sir also quite gd! haha..

Ippt this coming thursday again! I had enough of it liao lo! still failing pull up! Hais may nt go service..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reaching for the better!

I had some improvements in my ippt. felt a sense of encouragement. though still failed, but im determined! GO BEN!

IPPT 1 (2nd week in PTP) PLATOON - 0 PASS
SBJ - 230cm (3)
CHIN-UP - 0 (0)
SHUTTLE RUN - 9.6secs (5)
SIT - UP - 38 (4)
2.4KM RUN - 10.56mins (4)


IPPT 2 (1st week in BMT) PLATOON - 7 PASS
SBJ - 220cm (2)
CHIN-UP - 1 (0)
SHUTTLE RUN - 9.9secs (5)
SIT - UP - 43 (5)
2.4KM RUN - 9.23min (5)


Friday, October 10, 2008

Book out again!

its been 4 weeks... left with 9 weeks..
PTP is over.. going to BMT now..
hmm... really happy that i get to meet so much new frens there.. haha
Life its great with them inside there..

Haha.. Aiya but kinda worry abt my fitness...
jiayou man!