Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real Soon

It was a rainy morning. Slept all the way till 12 in the noon. Feeling so damn shiok. Hmm.. Finally went for service after 3 weeks or so. Get to meet up with John at the MRT station a while. Hahas. Went to IT mall also. Its really at a great price la. But I only bought a mouse and headphones.

This weekend I cant spend much. Mayb God wants me to control my expenses. Haha. I only uses $50 frm friday night till sunday. I left my stupid wallet in bunk I guess. Dunno wad happen. Better is that it dun get lost la.. haha.

Hmm. This book in is the second last bk in already.. next wed im going to POP. Its on the 10th of Dec! hmm... Update till here!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

10 weeks!

wakau... i posted again.. just nw error on internet explorer!!

Im saying that.. its the 10 weeks alr.. 3 weeks to pop kind of sad..

n field camp is over.. relli glad that our platoon is closer...

Hmm.. IPPT is coming n sit test!!

its very important to us.. i really hope all will do ur best...

I hope to see more passers!!!

Come on guys! we can do it!

after POP.. hope that all of us will still keep in touch.. especially the few that really encourage me.. and we toked alot!! hahas...

Aniwae.. Book out is always good.. seeing my family.. omg.. dad wash muddy clothes for me.. so touched! hmm.. really must be good to them.. i really feel thankful.. n meet the rest of my frens.. still so far so good after so long nvr meet!

Hmm aniwae... those pics on top are some pictures took with some buffet chao recruits buffet!