Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 week in BSLC le!

For ur information.. BSLC is basic section leader course ah!? i also nt very sure.. hahas...
Aniwae.. ok la nt tt bad already.. start to talk to more ppl le... every book out and book in still can meet my fellow zulu guys! Wonderful. but some of them i dunno hw and when to meet also.. seems impossible already!

Haha aniwae.. its new year eve guys! Im going marina.. hope to see some familiarise face ah. OK... this year...lots of things happen.. Change a church, Learn singing, Took part in 3 singing competitions.. and i passed all the auditions. got to semi for chongpang comp, got 4th for Singout 08, got to quarter finals for yuan dian. Got the opportunity to perform on stage at East point, Bukit Batok. Learn Dancing too.. its fun! Got to know alot of new friends too.. Got to NS.. BMTC in Zulu coy.. met wonderful friends of course.. Got to sispec nw.. trying to adapt and i hope to have more friends too...

OK la.. Seems like its quite a gd yr.. a nw yr ahead tmr!!! Hope that everything will be so blessed again.. I hope to go bck to church soon....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sispec life

Sispec means wad?! Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement!
I am damn damn damn sad inside my plt in Juliet coy!
Me and Junyi out of so many ppl enter J oni. Worse different plt.. While the rest some get to be in the same plt or more than 2 in the same coy.. i dunno wad is happening to me so sway!
Lonely and miserable.. Hope there will be a change at least give me a more bonded section and plt to be for this 8 weeks of BSLC!
WAH i gouli gouli miss my platoon 2!!
Aniwae saturday den book out! wad the?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Am i happy, contented or sad?

Ok! I am posted to SISPEC! Pasir laba camp at somewhere boonlay. Meaning i will post out as a sergeant. But I dunno whether I am contented or happy or sad?

Ya on the last survey before BMT i did say that I want to go OCS very much, SISPEC 2nd. However if cant go OCS, I will also wanna be posted to SISPEC very much.. so I should feel contented that I have my second choice.

However I still feel sad. I thought I could make it to OCS in the btm of my heart. however I got sispec. I am thinking OCS got higher pay higher rank. whereas sispec nt tt much. however i should relli b contented ba. I may not feel as sad if sir did nt tell me i did stand a high chance to OCS. However he did say that posting this kind of thing.. ultimately is not up to them and I really did not do well for Sit test..

Alright! After all i got my second choice! being a sergeant although is in btw officer and man but still got slight higher pay and rank too. And the best best thing is! Many of my platoon mates are going to SISPEC with me.. reporting the same time same room.. i really hope so much that we will be posted to the same company! or rather same platoon! or RATHER SAME BUNK! okok... this is something so looking forward to on Monday. Please dun disappoint me SAF! haha.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

POP pictures!

Its Finally POP!

Finally after the 13 weeks of training in BMTC1, Zulu Coy, Plt 2!!! Yes!!! So happy.. and emotional.. going to miss all the friends.. and everything we all go through together this 3 months.. POP is really a very memorable parade for me.. My dad help me to wear my jockey cap, the first march in a parade, the throwing of jockey cap, singing of songs, BMTC roar... everything!!! Really thank the commanders that help us along the way... thanks for crafting us from ah boy to arMy soldiers!

I have really learnt and benefit along from this 3 mths in BMT...
1) I made very good friends including commanders
2) I know how to learn to suffer
3) I learn to endure
4) I learn to stand still
5) I learn to be punctual and discipline.
6) I get fitter
7) I get slimmer
8) I get to see my parents giving me a contented face
9) It seems that my parents are proud of me
10) I am proud of myself