Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hair cut!

Yea i Got a new hair cut.. haha.. short n steady.. light n white... so tmr morning gonna dye abit the patches..Lol.. turn off...
This week dancing so fun except the stretching.. gou li difficult to touch my ground... no wonder my sit n reach sucks too..
Aniwae.. I have got no Groove in danicng and singing.. Sian.... This Sunday yuan dian competition liao.. Good luck.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sorry and thanks!

Its Good that i can sing, Its good that i met a fren that I use to be a small fan of her, Its good to find another great bunch of frens that love singing and music, Its good to also see my junior in the same music school, Its good to spend the time together sharing the same passion. In MS my passion for singing have gradually grow more.

Im bad that i drifted away with my bestfriends, Im bad that I spent my time unequally, Im bad that I only find excuses for not turning up, Im bad that I can only spent so little time with them. Im bad when I say I wish to meet up but I only think but not do it. Im sorry guys.

Thinking back of the hang around, slacking, happy, sad, angry moments..
I need to reformat my life. Equal time in MS, Goodfriends and family. The only unequal thing is WORK....!! I spend 40 hours working every week. The only good thing is that it can b converted to money. hurhur.

Everything is constantly changing in this environment, the only thing that wun change is change itself.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Time!

indoor Stadium!!

Kallang Shot!
Haha big face!! N eyes!
Minds Cafe.. Joanne n me!
Panda KHIM n Ben
On the way Home!!
Mireen n ME!

LAST RANDOM PIC... I miss Hk.. n i miss u guys... Will meet u all when im free..!

Tired -_-

Hey.. Its been long since my last post.. anw.. a "short" yet fulfilling one will do.. Haha.. let me start from....
Its Good Friday!! Lord Jesus Rise!!
Yea.. aniwae its also a holiday!! =D Went to Tampinese for an good friday event... And met up with Ms-ians.. to raffles city... n rush!! bck to MS for our lessons.. It was challenging because I need to use those chicken like voice.. to scream until Khim's mummy wanna give me one tight slap.. although its not me only... Argh.. haha.. mayb face too big.. easier to slap! hahaha.. Then Off to Minds Cafe to play.. n we r somehow sabo-ed to do.. those idiotic things.. like veron.. Gotta go under the table.. n Leon to enjoy the wonderful smell of the toilet! lol..

Its SING OUT 08!! 4th quarter finals! haha.. the hosts improved gradually w/o the influence of the bad weather.. tt only happen to veron.. Cos.. Its all about the weather!! lols.. A few of them sang well.. but im kinda upset abt the results..!! yea.. then ate at maxwell n off to home.. while the rest go to yuan dian!!

Went to Church!! Easter its Easter.. haha.. LOl.. yea.. nice performance n effort by BC.. n the food... were GOU LI!!!! I ate 3 rounds... Lol.. Hahas.. then went home.. to sleep... n heard JAsmine n Hsin Wen sing.. nt bad lei.. even through fone.. n thats y.. wayne, jasmine n hsinwen made it to the nxt rnd tt night at yuan dian!! I also wanna join soon le..!! LAst but not least.. Its SPOP we went.. n Im LC!!! LOK COK!!! Walau.. all because of my slippers.. n wadever.. ah.. sad sia.. alr gt big fat face le.. Hur.. Lazy me.. LOL. aniwae.. i also dunno wad to wear de.. dun dare to try... n Its hot.. lols.. Haha.. will improve on this LC pattern though..

N today.. WORK lor.. SIANNEEEDDDD.... haha..

Friday, March 21, 2008


WootS! HIP HOP Lesson!!! Feel great to move the body.. with the music and the beats!! Lol... but i cannot forget the steps well.. haha.. Crunches n pushups for me are so harsh now.. Shit train pls.. lol.. Still wan go NS! Omg.. haha.. aniwae... Music!! Singing!! Dancing!!! RockSS!!

How Anxious that time.. haha.. (this pic is so random)

Thursday, March 20, 2008




Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pics taken at GUESS WHERE.

Haha..Wad a Mouth!
Oh no!! WAd happen to my eyes??

Decent one.. but jeremy's eye is like wad im doing at the pic above.. lol..

Monday, March 17, 2008


Err.. Actually felt so bad today.. went to cas house intended to take her pressure and stress in thinking of her dad's company name.. but we spent most of the time.. eating n playing... We oni spent that 1hour all ard there to think abt her dad's company name.. I even like play ard or jk ard..or unhappy over small small that actualli dun matters.. Ah.. so sorry! Y am I so insensitive..! hmm.. Sorry.. but really did tried when we are thinking..
Past week was fun.. singing with MS-ians.. Really glad to make these new frens.. going for the same thing.. having the same passion! Haha.. Jiayou all! wanted to learn more but NS!! i hope i have more time.. i hope i started earlier..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wrking Spree

Oh no.. wrking spree.. starts... its getting boring.. Oh yea Oh yea.. ytd sing sing sing...Glad that everybody are improving..!! N with great thanks to khim too.. lol. Oh yea.. tmr wrk... again.. alright... Going b nub again... Byee...

Monday, March 10, 2008

IT Fair!

Hello! Went to the IT fair today!! It was packed.. even packer than a Club i guess.. haha.. simply sitcking tgt up the lift. lol.. and moving with the human current at the fair.. Lol.. And i bought a Nice speaker!! Big n bulky but the bass listen le so shiok.. n can pluck in microphones also! Stand up brightly among all..!! Its!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2008


Haha.. yes.. today went to kbox with my MS class mates.. Daniel, Leon, Joanne and me... haha.. first time went k box with them.. and im late cos i went for a job interview.. haha. Aniwae i got the job.. Ahaa! Alright.. Kbox really quite stunned me today... They change their k student pckage to $14.50 with fruits, fingerfood and free flow of coke and sprite.. nt bad ah? LOL... Keep it up.. And its fun today first time singing with them.. Although starting i felt abit awkward.. But a while ok liao.. haha... Nvr take foto. but pls.. next time.. we shall take class foto. LOL.

Ps. Hk fotos out at Check IT OUT!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bck From HK!

Hello. Im bck frm hongkong ytd midnight! Its a happy and cool trip...i missed the sceneries and the weather which is forever cool and this time of the year. Haha.. Went to many places.. such as Tai-o, Ocean Park, Causeway Bay, Mongkok, Lam Kwai Fong, the Peak.. which is damn nice.. and lastly the Disney Land HK.. i like the most.. I think its realli quite fun but some says that its not that fun. All of us think its nice.. especially the fireworks! and the performance.. Its the best!
We also tried roasted goose, pigeon, dim sum, 鱼蛋, sandwiches, 老婆饼, porridge, smellyTOFU, 豆腐花, 顿奶. Also went to take the ferry, tram,Peak tram, MTR and cable car! haha.. most importantly its shopping..!! haha.. some is slightly cheaper, some is ard the same.. and some can b as cheap as a T shirt i bought. $3+ sing dollars oni! haha. After all its a great time for us to bond! and i Really like the 5 days.. which is not enough! Will upload the pics soon. cos i think both yt and zy had alreadi took more than 3G of pics! haha

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bye guys!

Hey!!! BYE GUYS!!! CYA SoOOooOOOoonn!! Im going hk in around 6 hours time.. going to sleep now.. Leaving for airport at 415!! Goodnights!