Thursday, February 28, 2008

A lot of walking!

Haha.. ytd was a great day! Met up with yt,sharon,zy n myself.. to go marina square! Jus shopped for a short while and we played bowling! Den as we were walking bck to the MRT station... since its tuesday.. we ate waffles! and decided to have our dinner at kallang n geylang! Went to eat frog porridge.. 5 frogs, 2 porridge, 1 big plate of kangkong and marmite bbq chicken! Thats immediately after gelare... Fulllll Dao... Then walked to kallang leisure park.. its quite empty.. but we played arcade and thats all.. haha... walk all the way bck to geylang.. from the first lorongs to 30+ lorongs! Ate Durians after that! so full... yet and followed by Beancurd and soyabean drinks and you tiao! Really too full!! Pics will b uploaded soon.. aniwae.. HK soon 2 days!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sharing Pictures!

Hi! some pictures to share!

Acting Gay! lol
5 of us at Vivo!

Toy R Us!Big Ben! Small Train!
Steamboat again at cas's house! ( Oops someone is diggin his mouth with his tongue) Look left!
Wendy and BeN! At Sing Out o8 QF!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sing Out 08 quarter finals

Today is the day. Singing on a mini stage to my frens, judges and people who attended the quarter finals. I am so anxious. My hands and legs are shivering unknowingly and its completely uncontrollable.. I manage to finish the song. I felt so fortunate to be among the 7 who went to the semi finals! Thank God, Thank Judges and Thank my frens.. Thanks also khim and the shun-y? for being the emcee for the night that really calm me down slightly!
The semi finals will be on the 3rd of May in SMU open area, its a saturday. Jiayou!

And Backkk too yesterday...
Haha.. Zy found a wallet and handphone the previous day. He tried all means to return the lost items to the owner.. HAha. being kind and doing good deeds will definitely bring you good too..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pre Enlist Medical Check

Went for a medical check up in the morning. From.. Urine test to Blood test to Hearing test to eye sight test to chest X-ray to Heart check to blood pressure check to height and weight to "didi" check... and the final irritating questions.. which took me more than an hour i guess.. haha.
Its quite fun and anxious as this is a life time new step to a new experience. I got into Pes A. But fail napha.. must go for 4 weeks of PTP. i hope the handbook they gave me will be put to good use.. As theres a 12weeks training programme to train for napha. I can still take my napha test at Toa Pa Yoh. Jiayou ba..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Singing maniac

Had been trying to find a song for my competition.. and finally chose to sing 爱情树 which I like the song. However, had been listening till real sian and irritated le. Still think i couldnt really get the feeling and the way to bring it out.. All the best for this saturday! Sing Sing Sing....
I wish Wendy and Leon all the best in this quarter finals too.. God Bless..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Exams Over

Yea! Exams finally over..! and went over to see Tommy's and Lizhen's baby at mount alvernia hospital.. Its the same hospital as me! but baby no name yet.. haha.. TBA! Alrights.. I hope to be happy and i will be happy!

Monday, February 11, 2008



Friday, February 8, 2008


As usual it will be visiting relatives n friends... AngBaos!! Minor gamblings...!! minor wins or minor loss! Gain Weight! High calories!! No exercise!! FUN FUN n MORE FUN! I wish everyone a very good year to be!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jay Chou!

Woo.. today went to church in the morning~ then went for CNY shopping spree 2.. hais.. its relli quite expensive.. but at least i like wad i bought! aniwae.. main purpose! See Jay Chou! haha... met up with Celine.. long time no c fren...haha shes still as pretty n super cool!, her fren Alvin, Zy and Grace.. haha.. Hard to c him.. its raining! then c umbrellas instead.. lol.. but heng.. rain sto le manage to catch a glance of him.. haha.. But nvr hearrd him sing.. haha.. nxt tym i wan go his concert! haha.. Went home.. clean sis car.. end up nvr go Airport send him.. skali! i can take picture with Jay Chou! lol.. super valuable n precious one.. Star! lei!